I have nothing to post today, rather I am having a terrible weekend. Piled up pending works that have me all stressed out and frustrated. On the top of that, I hate social media. Lately, everyone is going out on a vacation, everyone is getting job and I am sitting idly at home, scrolling through... Continue Reading →

Dating coffee? things you can relate to!

You know you're an addict when something takes over your life and mind?. For me, it's coffee. I'm not proud of it but "heart wants what it wants.". If your taste suits coffee beans, you know you are my type. 1. Morning coffee is a ritual: Usually, we coffee -addicts can drink coffee anytime of... Continue Reading →

Hey readers!. CENTURY IN FOLLOWERS!! It's not so big a deal I know, but I wanted to share the happiness with you all. Thank you everyone to make me trust myself and not give up! So, here is an easy iced coffee recipe for you all to beat the heat of the summer season!. Here... Continue Reading →

Random Appreciation

I've always been very fond of 'pattern maintenance'. The more it looks patterned and organised, the more it gives me an eye-gasm. Anyway, today is first Sunday of April!. So, why not I start my today's blog with some random appreciation of six fictional characters that helped me becoming a better person today?. (I know... Continue Reading →


I went to this place, named Top Cat CCU, today. I generally go to library cafes, with one or two friends, have some good coffee and talk for hours. I am that boring, yes! But today it was different, enough to make me come back home and share with you all readers. It is a... Continue Reading →

Let’s know each other, shall we?

Hey readers. It's been almost midnight in India and I'm experiencing an emptiness inside. It's been almost a month since I am in WordPress, reading and exploring your blogpost but I don't know you at all. So, why not we let us introduce ourselves? There you go. I'm Anuja. And you?. Please share comments and... Continue Reading →

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